Accutone Pegasus

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# Using a special speaker alignment method, 9mm speaker is fit inside the compact structure without sacrificing audio performance # Designed to fit completely inside your ear, the Pegasus is highly comfortable as well as acoustically powerful # Tuned to Class B for bass-enhancement, it is perhaps the most bone-shattering headphone for its size # Designed to be the perfect companion for Apple products # Equipped with Apple's certified microphone, the 3-button digital inline control allow adjustments to iPhone's volume, skip songs, activate Siri as well as simply making and ending calls # The Pegasus comes with three different sizes of standard silicon ear-buds, leatherette headphone zipper bag, cable-winder and user manual
# Weight 10.5g # Speaker Input 5mW # Speaker Max 10 mW # Speaker size 9.2mm # Impedance 16 Ohm # Sound Pressure Level 110+3dB # Operating Temperature -25C to 50C # Storage Temperature -25C to 50C
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Brand Name Accutone
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