Certificate Display File (DF502) - 20 pockets

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Brand: Solo Code : DF502
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Made exclusively for storage of important documents and sheets, the Solo Display File proves to be a handy device for students as well as business professionals. This Solo Display File boasts of 20 super-fine clear-view pockets in which you can conveniently place all the items for display.This Solo Display File is for exclusive use and is available in B4 Compatible Size. Inserting and removing of the documents is made to be quick and convenient as the pockets are enhanced with Anti-static Agents. The Polycover of this Solo Display File is thick and helps when the file needs to be placed on the rack without falling on either side. Every pocket has the capacity of holding up to 6 Sheets and the file can accommodate 100 Sheets in all. All your certificates, property documents, pictorial leaflets and legal size documents can be placed safe and intact in this Solo Display File and can be used for future reference. Designed to keep certificates. B/4 Compatible Extra large pockets.Product Code:DF 502 Type:Display File Compatible Size:B/4 MRP:Rs.340.00 per piece. No of Pieces :Pack of 1 piece. Available with B4 size. Designed to keep certificates, property documents,pictorial leaflets & specially those which larger than legal size documents. 20 Super-fine clear-view pockets. Antistatic agents added for extra convenience to insert documents conveniently. Extra large pockets hold upto six sheet in each. Appropriate polycover thickness to hold upto 100 sheets inside. Anti-static agents added to further enhance not stick properties.
Brand Name Solo
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