Dolphy Automatic Sensor Tap-Dast0004

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Brand : Dolphy Power : AC 220v / DC6v Sensing Range : 06 - 20 ( cm ) Suitable Water Pressure : 0.1 - 0.6 mpa Water Output : 1.5L - 2.0L / min Operated : Electrical + Battery ( 4XAA Duracell ) Dia. of Inliet Pipe : G1/2* ( DN15 ) Dimension : 13.5 H x 6.0 D x 18.0 W ( cm ) Enviourment Temprature : 0.75 - 7 Bar
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This sensor tap is easy to install and is simple to use as well. As you place your hand under the opening of the tap, the water will flow automatically and when you remove your hand the flow of water will stop. This happens due to the inbuilt sensors in the tap. This efficient sensor tap is a great choice for public washrooms. Due to the sensory tap, there is no worry about the tap being left opened and hence the wastage of water is controlled to some limit.
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